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October 1st, 2016, 11:32 am
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Silver Eevee
October 1st, 2016, 11:52 am
Halp. Plz. Oki. So recently [As in 4 months ago XD] my sister wanted to play through my Y game. I transfered all of my Pkmn into Pokebank, then restarted it for her. I transfered those pkmn to my AS game, and changed my team on there to the team I had on Y. [I switched my Arceus with my Victini I already had, though] But I was having a problem. Every time I tried to battle someone online, and got to the timer thing where you pick the pokemon you got to enter, and it got to 1:20, my thing froze, and the connection was interruped. After months of having the problem, I had a brilliant idea. Look it up. [Why didn't I think of that before? :'D]
I found that people where having the same problem if at least one of the Pokemon on their team had max IVs and EVs. I checked my Pokemon's EVs, and found that they were all max. When I checked IVs, however, one of then had max. So that means I technically had an 'illegal' pokemon. But I had caught it myself. It was a shiny Articuno, that I had spent days SRing on my Y game. I think this is the reason I'm having this problem. The thing is, I've had that Articuno for years on my Y game, and never had the problem.

I really don't WANT to switch it, because my Articuno trolls everyone with my (I forget what the move is called, but it allows you to not miss on the next turn), Sheer Cold combo. Is there anyway I can get rid of max EVs or IVs? Thanks!

If you sat through all that, great! You get a cookie! If you can help me, great! You get a cookie and FanArt!

[I dunno if it's spelled Articuno or Arcticuno.]

[AND IF YOU THINK ARTICUNO IS WEAK I HAVE A GOOD MOVESET: Sheer Cold, Mind Reader (OMG, I remembered) , Roost, and Blizzard.]
December 18th, 2017, 6:40 am
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October 1st, 2016, 12:06 pm
Yay walls of text You can't get rid of IV's BUT you can get rid of EV's.
You can do that by giving them EV-reducing berries. There are Pomeg Berries (reduces HP EV's) Kelpsy Berries (reduces Atk EV's) Qualot Berries (reduces Def. EV's) Hondew Berries (reduces Sp. Atk EV's), Grepa Berries (reduces Sp. Def. EV's) and Tamato Berries (reduces Spd EV's).
Just feed the berry that lowers Articuno's EV's in the maxed EV stat you don't want. :3

Also, you have a max IV shiny legendary you caught yourself? DAMN GURL YOU ARE LUCKY
Silver Eevee
October 1st, 2016, 12:14 pm
@Midnight-fox18 YYYAAAAYYY :D The only solution I could think of was giving it one of those EV destroying training bags. I have TONS of berries from winning so many contests. Thanks for your help :D (Yes, I have insane shiny luck. On my YouTube channel, I have a video of my encountering 2 shinies in a row!) Ur FanArt is coming soon! *Hands cookie*